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Independent Living Bullion provides precious metals to investors concerned about the long-term health of the United State’s fiat currency. Based in Eagle, Idaho, the firm ships throughout the nation and offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for very little mark-up over melt value. Independent Living Bullion adheres to a corporate philosophy that ensures that customers get the most precious metal for their money.

Unlike other precious metal dealers, Independent does not recommend investment in collectible coins. The firm’s experts explain that collectible coins carry a premium over the value of the metal they contain. However, the collectibles market is volatile and more akin to investing in fine art than in commodities. Profits on collectible coins are taxed at the collectibles rate, which is usually much higher than the capital gains rate that the government uses to tax investments in bullion and junk silver.

Independent Living Bullion seeks to make investing in precious metals easy for its customers. Through the website, investors can sign up for a monthly purchasing plan. They can choose to buy a set weight of gold or silver each month or purchase a set dollar amount, which could be as little as $150 in gold and silver each month. Customers can also choose the date for the purchase, locking in the rates on the 1st, 5th, 15th, or 25th of the month. They can have their metals delivered to their home or to a depository every month or once every three months. If a buyer wishes to withdraw from the program, he or she needs to contact the company the day before his monthly lock-in date.

Independent Living Bullion is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Corporate executives have extensive experience in business and economics and appear regularly on television, in talk radio, and in major newspapers and magazines. For more information on purchasing precious metals to diversify an investment portfolio, visit www.independentlivingbullion.com. The company also produces a Weekly Market Wrap podcast, which is available on the website as well as on iTunes.