Gold Prices Begin to Rise Again

Last winter, as gold prices fell and pundits warned against the dangers of investing in an “uncertain” commodities market such as precious metals, many in the gold community began to worry that the decades-long run of gold was indeed at an end.

Then, this summer, the NASDAQ stock exchange experienced another of its now-notorious glitches, halting trading for an entire afternoon, and sending waves of doubt throughout global financial markets.

In a world of rickety financial markets, high leverage, and overwhelming debt burdens, the time for tangible assets, chiefly gold, has come — which is good news for national gold dealers such as Independent Living Bullion.

As the speculative nature and inherent instability of the stock market has shown, precious metals like gold are a great long-term investment because of their endless utility. In 2011, gold futures hit a record high price of $1,910 an ounce on the COMEX, and many experts are predicting gold will rise above $3,000 per ounce in the not-too-distant future.

Gold is also an effective hedge against inflation, to which investments in asset classes like bonds and stocks are deeply vulnerable.

To find out more about how gold can enhance your investment portfolio, contact Independent Living Bullion, a premier online retailer of gold coins. For a free consultation today, call (800) 800-1865.


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